Voting Panel

Voting Panel

The following members of the poker media and industry have been invited to participate as voting members of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame.  We feel they represent the general public as they are in the trenches every day in the poker world.

We thank them all for their dedication to our industry and to the support they provide our organization.


  • Haley Hintze – Poker Columnist
  • Jack Effel – WSOP
  • Mori Eskandani – Poker Go
  • Chad Halloway – Poker News
  • Julio Rodriguez – Cardplayer Media
  • Matt Savage – TDA/WPT
  • Robbie Strazynski – Cardplayer Lifestyle
  • Jennifer Newell – Poker Columnist

1st Alternates

  • Bernard Lee – Bernard Lee Show
  • Dan Ross – Holdem Radio
  • Earl Burton – Poker News Daily