2010 WiPHoF Induction Ceremony

Class of 2010

Inductees Kathy Liebert, Billie Brown and Jennifer Harman

The 2010 Women in Poker Hall of Fame ceremony was a night to remember. With Mistress of Ceremony Jan Fisher at the helm, we were guaranteed a laugh… she was an entertaining spotlight to a memorable event.

Kathy Liebert, Billie Brown’s Daughter Kelly O’Hara & Jennifer Harman
2010 WiPHoF Board & Inductees

Also there to lend his support was former World Series of Poker Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack, who joined in the celebration amid the summer’s busiest weekend for women’s poker in Las Vegas.

Our 2010 Inductees included Jennifer Harman, Kathy Liebert & the posthumous induction of Billie Brown who’s daughter Kelley O’Hara accepted the award.