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Become a proud sponsor of the prestigious Women in Poker Hall of Fame.

Established in 2008, our organization is dedicated to celebrating the exceptional achievements and contributions of women in the poker world. With twenty-five incredible women already inducted, we continue to honor those who have made a lasting impact on the game and its community.

As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generous support of sponsors to continue our mission. Your sponsorship will play a crucial role in helping us recognize and celebrate the trailblazing women who have shaped the poker landscape, promoting inclusivity and diversity within the industry.

Benefits of Sponsoring the Women in Poker Hall of Fame:
Brand Exposure: Your brand will be prominently featured in our promotional materials, event signage, website, and social media channels, reaching a wide audience of poker enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Networking Opportunities:
Connect with key figures in the poker world, including players, influencers, and other industry leaders, through exclusive invitations to our events and ceremonies.

Positive Public Relations:
Enhance your corporate image by aligning with an organization that champions diversity, empowerment, and excellence in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Community Engagement:
Demonstrate your commitment to supporting women and fostering an inclusive community within the poker industry, gaining goodwill and loyalty from a diverse audience.

Media Coverage:
Benefit from extensive media coverage of our events and inductions, providing additional visibility and recognition for your brand.

By sponsoring the Women in Poker Hall of Fame, you will not only support the recognition of outstanding women in poker but also contribute to a more inclusive and vibrant poker community. We would be delighted to discuss potential sponsorship packages and how we can tailor our partnership to meet your company’s goals and objectives.

We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you and celebrating the remarkable women who continue to inspire and shape the future of poker.

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