The year 2024 marks an exciting selection year for the Women in Poker Hall of Fame, and we eagerly anticipate the process of identifying and honoring new inductees. This pivotal year offers an opportunity to reflect on the remarkable achievements of women in poker and to celebrate those who have made significant contributions to the game. As we embark on this selection journey, we look forward to recognizing trailblazers and inspiring figures who have demonstrated exceptional skill, dedication, and influence in the poker community. The anticipation surrounding the 2024 induction process is palpable, as it promises to bring forth new stories of triumph, perseverance, and impact that will enrich the legacy of the Hall of Fame.


The Women in Poker Hall of Fame is governed as a non-profit organization, operating under a formal charter that outlines its mission and governance structure.

This charter ensures that the Hall of Fame remains dedicated to its core purpose of honoring women who have achieved prominence and made significant contributions to the poker world. The non-profit status allows the organization to focus on celebrating and promoting the achievements of women in poker, fostering a sense of community, and supporting initiatives that encourage the growth and inclusivity of the game. By adhering to its charter, the Women in Poker Hall of Fame maintains transparency, accountability, and a steadfast commitment to its mission, ensuring that the legacies of its inductees are preserved and celebrated with integrity.

Selection Process

Nominations for the Women in Poker Hall of Fame are open to the public beginning August 15th, 2024.

Voting takes place in late September and is the privilege of current Hall Members and a select few from Media and prominent industry supporters. Unlike many halls, the WiPHoF does consider the public opinion as one unit of votes. Our Induction Ceremony & Celebration event takes place in December 2024.

And More…​

Voting Panel​

The WiPHoF Voting Panel is a critical component of the Hall. Current Hall members and invited media partners research, and make informed decisions on nominees.

Sponsor​ Us

We invite you to become a sponsor of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame, Show the world your commitment to women in the game

Winter Festival

In support of WiPHoF, the Women in Poker Winter Festival hosts a Bounty Tournament to highlight all the Hall Members present.


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