2009 WiPHoF Induction Ceremony

Class of 2009

Inductees Jan Fisher, Cyndy Violette and June Field

Inductees Jan Fisher, Cyndy Violette and June Field

To a sold out crowd, this year’s Women in Poker Hall of Fame ceremony was fantastic! With MC Mike Sexton orchestrating the evenings events, he opened with a proclamation sent to the event by Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman, who declared June 5th, 2009 to be Women in Poker Hall of Fame Day.

Also there to lend his support was World Series of Poker Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack, who joined in the celebration amid the summer’s busiest weekend for women’s poker in Las Vegas.

Each one of the inductees was introduced by one of the inaugural class members, Field, instrumental in the creation of several poker publications including CardPlayer, was the first of the three to take the podium. The second new member was Fisher, a Vegas poker veteran who has excelled in a wide variety of poker roles over the last three decades. Last of all came Violette, whose playing career now spans some 27 years and who is known within the world for her ultra-healthful lifestyle in addition to her poker excellence. The three received awards and gifts in recognition of their long-term participation in the poker world.

To view a video courtesy of Poker News, please visit here.